Urban affects

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Affects, Emotions, Imitations

In sociology and cultural geography, recent years have brought about a focus upon social processes bypassing individual consciousness and power of judgment; in urban space, in the workplace, and in all kinds of fashion trends and cultural production, but also in interaction and communication. Gabriel Tarde’s concept of imitation and invention has been re-actualised by, among others, Bruno Latour, paralleled by Nigel Thrift’s re-actualisation of a new (Deleuzian) concept of affect relating to urban space and its ‘spatialities of feeling’ (Thrift 2008) and work life and the new spirit of capitalism (Boltanski & Chiapello 2005). 

The topic Affects, emotions, and imitations relates to the overall theme Troubled Identities in that it investigates the role of the subject - and its lack of mastery - concerning affects, emotions, and imitation. However, the workshop will also allow traditional and more phenomenological conceptions of emotions and emotional sociology as well as discussing possible connections between newer affect sociology and the interest of earlier urban sociology in the modern city, its materiality and expression (Simmel, Benjamin).

We call for papers relating to topics on affects, emotions and imitation:

 *Affective urbanism, its production and counter-production

 *Imitation at the workplace, in the cultural sphere and in urban life

*The distribution of urban, socio-cultural movements and trends

*Spatial imitation and urban sociology

*Emotional production in the experience economy

*Affect sociology and its impact on experience design

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