Urban affects

A collection of images and thoughts on design, aesthetics and performative urban culture.
If no references or links, photos and statements are my own.

Deleuze and performance

“The Deleuzian concept of affect or becoming also holds great promise for the analysis of how performance impacts upon an audience, offering an alternative to the over-emphasis on interpretation and the construction of meaning that derives from Performance Studies’ embrace of semiotics, critical theory and psychoanalysis. As Barbara Kennedy suggests in this volume, each of these discourses prioritized ‘ideological and political foci to the detriment of affectivity and art’. ‘Where was the body and feeling in such debates?’ she asks; ‘Why did none of this theory explain the vital, visceral and electric pulsations of my “autonomic” response to the arts?”

Laura Cull, Introduction to Deleuze and Performance, 2009

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