Urban affects

A collection of images and thoughts on design, aesthetics and performative urban culture.
If no references or links, photos and statements are my own.

Urban assemblages created by film projections and the walls of the city. Curated by the urban art project The Wall is a Screen exhibited you could experience these rare visual urban assemblages during the filmfestival CPH PIX in Copenhagen in April. The concept was rather simplistic. With a mobile projector and sound system, films were projected on the walls in the shopping area around Strøget. Thus the contextual urban frame attributed meaning to the film shown. Historical buildings, churches and shops served as screens, but mainly in a conceptual sense. For instance, a short film about western consumer culture was projected on the facade of Baresso - The Danish equavalent to Starbucks. But due to this curatorial effort to make a critical comment to the commercial and consumerist city, the aestehtics of both the films and the chosen walls were forgotten in most of the projections and sites. 

What urban assemblages in my opinion can do (whether in design or art installations), are to bring forth the inherent paradoxes and complexitites in the city and its streets. However, these juxtapositions must be done by means of aesthetics and by reassembling the spatial qualities already at hand. Urban space must, so to speak, serve as a ready-made screen for the films. So why did The wall is a screen not choose films that aesthetically could subvert the consumerist city instead of just pointing it out through short narratives?

Well, I would have loved to see the artists Kvium/Lemmerz music videos projected in the pedestrian area Strøget. That would have been a subversive projection of urban space - a comment on the ‘maelstroems of affect’ (Thrift & Amin) and what lies beneath desire, consumption and human relations in the city.

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